Talbot Workshops in Historic Processes


Quotes Being immersed in Fox Talbot's time and place was an extraordinary privilege and pleasure. The workshop itself was a tremendous experience, which continues to effect my head, heart, and soul. Quotes
Gary Green

Quotes "Dawn of Photography" is one of the most hands- on and inspiring workshops I have ever taken. As a UK resident, I am delighted that Scully & Osterman are now teaching the esoteric processes of Fox Talbot and Frederick Scott Archer at the beautiful Lacock Abbey, one of the birthplaces of photography. Quotes
Malin Sjoberg

Quotes Embedded in a nice crowd of enthusiasts - relaxed as well as substantial, inspiring and well organized: most enjoyable. Quotes
Christoph Wahl

Quotes Our visit to Lacock Abbey, staying in a historical bed & breakfast in such a charming village and participating in the Dawn of Photography workshop with the Ostermans was the most peaceful and artistically fulfilling holiday I can remember. Quotes
Vivian Harrington