Talbot Workshops in Historic Processes

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you publish the dates of workshops for next season?

We are working as fast as we can to coordinate our instructors very busy schedules.  Typically we like to get dates for the upcoming season our in late October but we will not publish any dates until all our instructors have confirmed their dates.  It is better to get one complete listing of the seasons program, rather than getting a sporatic flooding of emails in your message box (which I think no one appreciates). We can tell you that the 2012 workshop series will run from late April to mid July, as to avoid any of you having to travel during the London Olympics!


The workshop I want to take is full, what do I do and what are my chances of getting into the class?

For all of our workshops we create wait lists as soon as they are full.  If this is the case, go through the registration procedure as normal and we will let you know your status (number of people in front of you) through email and what your options are.  


I have completed the registraion form but I dont know if it sent?

You should see a nice "Thank you!" page when you send a message or complete a form.   However, if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours just send the message again or contact Rachel Nordstrom directly though the email address listed on the 'contact us' page.  


Can I register for all workshops through this website?

Talbot Workshops is working in partnership with George Eastman House in the US.  Registration, wait-lists and payment for the Scully & Osterman workshops is done through them but follow the registration links as normal and I will forward you more information if needed or simply follow the links if provided.  


 I will be travelling from outside the UK, do I have to pay the VAT [Value Added Tax]?

Many of our participants are visitors from outside the UK and they have the ability to reclaim the VAT paid for the workshop upon their departure.  Others participants have been teachers or heritage workers, who may also have this option, depending on their instituion.  For more information on this visit HM Revenue & Customs (opens new window).


I am a student, do you offer discounts or bursaries?

No, as of now, we do not have a student bursary program.  However, we do suggest you contact your faculty for information.  Many of our past student participants have been able to gain funding or academic credits for our workshops.  


I am interested in doing an internship with Talbot Workshops, do you have a formal internship program?

Unfortunately, we do not have a formal internship training program as we are limited in supervisory staff and full time scheduling.  Any interns working with Talbot Workshops are doing so through our volunteer programs with the Fox Talbot Museum and National Trust.  If you are have an interest in this type of internship we gladly ask you to get in touch with us through the contact us page and email your CV to Rachel Nordstrom.  


My question was not answered, what do I do?

If I haven't answered your question or you require more information please feel free to contact Rachel Nordstrom through the Contact Us page and she will get back to you as soon as possible.